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‘Vampires and Other Stereotypes’ Gets Special Edition Blu-ray

Vampires and Other Stereotypes is getting a new Special Edition Blu-ray set. Originally released in 1984, the film will be getting its special Blu-ray on Oct. 24, 2023, courtesy of Visual Vengeance. The film will also be available on Digital. An image of the packaging, along with its physical bonuses, can be seen below.

Visual Vengeance

In the movie, per the synopsis, “A pair of paranormal investigators are making their nightly rounds on the seedy streets of New York City when they encounter a group of party-hopping girls looking for a warehouse rave – who have also just accidentally opened a portal to hell. What follows is a night of practical effects monster mayhem as the group try to save themselves, and the entire planet, from a demonic invasion.”

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Kevin J. Lindenmuth directed the movie, marking the first feature film for the filmmaker known for his Shot-On-Video classics. The director takes part in an audio commentary and an interview featured in the Blu-ray set, as do other members of the cast and crew. You can see the full list of what’s included in the Blu-ray set for Vampires and Other Stereotypes.

  • Region Free Blu-ray
  • New director-supervised SD master from 1-inch tape
  • Limited Edition Slipcase – FIRST PRESSING ONLY
  • Over 7 Hours of new bonus content
  • Commentary with Director Kevin Lindenmuth
  • Commentary with Actor Mick McCleery and Director Kevin Lindenmuth
  • Commentary with Tony Strauss of Weng’s Chop Magazine
  • Director Kevin Lindenmuth Interview
  • Actress Laura McLauchlin Interview
  • Actor Mick McCleery Interview
  • Actress Suzanne Turner Interview
  • Actress Sally Narkis Interview
  • Makeup Effects Artist Ralis Kahn Interview
  • Special Effects Artist Scott Sliger Interview
  • Photographer Sung Pak Interview
  • Publicist Joe Mauceri Interview
  • Behind the Scenes Image Gallery
  • Kevin Lindenmuth Early Super 8 Films
  • Original Trailer
  • Visual Vengeance Trailers
  • Six-page liner notes by Tony Strauss of Weng’s Chop Magazine
  • ‘Stick your own’ VHS sticker set
  • Collectible Folded mini-poster
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original VHS art
  • Optional English Subtitles


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