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‘The Wrong Door’ (1990) Blu-ray Review: A Fun Oddity for Collectors

As Visual Vengeance begins to build a reputation, they have also begun to take bigger risks. In addition to beloved genre titles like The Necro Files (1997) or Vampires and Other Stereotypes (1994), they deep dive into more regional fare that’s far less familiar. Being that the label was created for a niche audience, this isn’t particularly surprising.

It’s actually quite welcome, they are introducing fans to forgotten films from a beloved time period. Good or bad, these movies are a representation of the era, a representation of what you and your friends may have grabbed on a Friday night at the video store because the box looked cool. The Wrong Door (1990) is one of those films.

Ted (Matt Felmlee) is someone who has always had an affinity for drama and mystery. It eventually led him to college, where he studied to be a sound designer, and he’s actually very good. As fate would have it, he soon finds himself wrapped up in a real-life mystery. After meeting a beautiful young woman, things quickly go south when she’s murdered and found in the backseat of his car.

Desperate and confused, his life begins to spiral out of control as his sanity begins to wane. The killer (or killers) is out there on the loose, and Ted could very well end up as the next target.

Visual Vengeance

The Wrong Door runs only seventy-three minutes, so what you get is boiled down to the basics. There are shades of Brian De Palma and Blow Out in this nearly silent thriller shot on Super 8mm film. The narrative is driven by visuals and actions, and the lack of dialogue is a pretty interesting touch.

Though filmmakers James Groetsch, Shawn Korby, and Bill Weiss have a clear vision, it’s still very much rough around the edges. The acting is above average for a film like this, and the regional cast appears to dig into their characters as best they can. Since the film has never appeared on disc until now, there’s really nothing to compare the picture with, but the 2K restoration is fine, even if the flaws are more pronounced.

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Despite the minor issues, The Wrong Door offers up a few twists, which I appreciated, and the vibes it gives off, though I’d never seen it before, still can make you feel nostalgic.

Visual Vengeance has loaded the package with special features like a commentary with Korby and Weiss, a commentary with Groetsch and producer John Schonebaum, various interviews with the filmmakers and cast (including one with Film Threat’s Chris Gore), an alternate director’s cut of The Wrong Door, various Super 8 shorts, trailers, aOdditynd more.

At this point, you’re either a fan of Visual Vengeance or you’re not. This is the perfect oddity for them to add to their catalog, and you should add it to your collection.

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