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‘The Mist’ is Still an Emotional Gut Punch After 15 Years

Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. Dimension Films, and The Weinstein Company Adapting a Stephen King story for the big screen doesn’t always work out… unless your name is Frank Darabont. The prolific horror screenwriter has kept busy over the last decade, creating, developing and writing one of the most popular modern TV series …

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Cocaine Bear Poster Warns: Don’t Coke the Bear

Universal Pictures Universal Pictures has just released a new official poster for Cocaine Bear, an upcoming thriller that just might be the craziest movie of 2023 if its title is any indication. Inspired by the true story of a bear in the wilderness who overdosed after consuming a vast amount …

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Why You Should Be Reading Grady Hendrix if You Love Horror

Quirk Books Publishing As a horror fan and an avid reader, there are a few household horror writer names that almost every fan of the genre knows. Of course, Stephen King still holds the crown in modern horror writer royalty, but not far behind are big-named, prolific writers like Dean …

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Gaze Upon Heaven in Flames: A Philosophical Thesis on Judas Iscariot 

There’s no shortage of discourse regarding black metal. All too often, they come from two opposing viewpoints. The first of which comes from the pearl-clutching of those who are angered at the slightest aspect of transgression. Naturally, this is understandable in a world where sensibilities are quite different. That said, …

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‘Moonchild’ Blu-Ray Review: SOV Action & Horror Done Right

Asylum Video, Visual Vengeance and Wild Eye Releasing Since 1984, Todd Sheets has been racking up the credits, having directed more than fifty projects, all on shoestring budgets, but is somehow able to make them look like more has been spent. While not every film is memorable, some stand out …

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