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Blu-Ray Review: ‘The Kindred’ (1987) Remains One of the Decade’s Best Monster Movies

Synapse Films

With the amount of horror output in the ’80s, it’s easy to forget or overlook some real classics. Thankfully, we have companies like Synapse Films who aren’t afraid to deep-dive to present a film many may have forgotten about. The movie in question here is 1987’s The Kindred.

What was so exciting to me about this release was that I’d never seen it. Sure, I knew about it and overlooked it probably a million times. Shame on me since this is one of that era’s most insane monster movies, and the practical effects work is worth appreciating.

Dr. Amanda Hollins (Kim Hunter) is a molecular scientist who seeks the aid of her son John (David Allen Brooks) to rid the lab of evidence that could incriminate her in conducting unsanctioned genetic experiments, including her Anthony Journals. Her former acquaintance, Dr. Lloyd (Rod Steiger), knows about the experiments and is adamant that he continues her work, no matter the consequences.

John and a small group go to his childhood home to find and destroy any other remnants of his mother’s work. They weren’t expecting the creature in the house, ready to take them out, one by one.

The Kindred (1987) - Synapse Films
Synapse Films

The Kindred is undoubtedly one of the best examples of why the ’80s ruled so hard when it comes to practical effects. The effects team really goes above and beyond to deliver a memorable monster and gore effects as well.

A believable creature helps to keep the film grounded in a way that keeps the audience invested in the characters and the aftermath of what the creature has in store for them. Despite having five screenwriters, the story works and the editing is extremely tight, helping to deliver a film that’s lean with no fat.


Synapse Films delivers an all-new 4K high-definition re-master of the unrated version, an all-new English stereo surround mix, commentary from Jeffrey Obrow and Stephen Carpenter, an all-new making-of documentary, a compilation of creature effects that have never been seen before, plus a still gallery, trailers, and a couple other odds and ends.

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Being a long-time fan of the work Synapse has done, this release definitely doesn’t disappoint so if you’re a fan of The Kindred or even just have an appreciation of genre films from the ’80s, do yourself a favor and pick this release up as soon as you can.

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