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‘A Most Atrocious Thing’ Review: An Impressive Indie Horror Film (Make Believe 2024)

Low-budget horror directors are the industry’s MacGyvers. They must get crafty while stretching a dollar, frequently relying on DIY effects and unknown talent to bring their vision to life. We don’t always see these films realize their full potential, but when they do, it reminds us why we love this subgenre. Such is the case with Christian Hurley and Ben Oliphint’s A Most Atrocious Thing, which was made on a $5,000 budget.

The plot revolves around friends celebrating graduation with a weekend retreat in the woods, which involves hunting for their food. Little do they know, a deer drank contaminated water nearby, causing a zombie-like sickness to spread. Unfortunately for the group, the menu includes infected deer meat, and all hell is about to break loose.

When it comes to horror films featuring a cabin in the woods, The Evil Dead is the first that springs to mind. Although the comparison is practically impossible to escape, I’ll go a step further and say that A Most Atrocious Thing feels like a cross between Evil Dead and Shaun of the Dead. It pays homage in various ways, the most obvious being a recreation of Sam Raimi’s signature shaky cam shot. The POV shots and transitions in the film are effectively smooth. This is the feature directorial debut of Hurley and Oliphint, who also star, and what they accomplished is impressive.

The zombies’ practical effects include bloody foam pouring from their mouths, which appears on camera for slightly too long at times but still looks good. The killings are savage and well-executed, unquestionably above average given the budget. I often felt like I was seeing the results of a larger production. The wacky deer puppets are on the opposite end of the spectrum, being purposefully outrageous and providing much comedic relief.

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In addition to Oliphint and Hurley, the cast included Dylan DeVol, Matthew Wassong, Will Ammann, Bryan Taira, and Max Shepardson. The actors are real-life friends who collaborated on A Most Atrocious Thing, making the caliber of their performances a bit surprising. It is common for indie filmmakers to cast friends and family, which, while often necessary, can result in a lower-quality film. This is not the case here, as the cast delivers solid performances filled with bromance and stoner humor. Oliphint and DeVol’s on-screen friendship is reminiscent of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s in Shaun of the Dead, adding emotional depth to balance the hijinks.

A Most Atrocious Thing is a prime example of why low-budget indie horror reigns supreme. It focuses on creativity and craftiness while delivering scares and laughter throughout. The film made its world premiere at the 2024 Make Believe Film Festival on Friday, March 22nd. You won’t want to sleep on this one.

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